We believe in homes that are built for the way you live. Homes that are special, unique, and beautiful…just like the families that will live in them.

Shady Lane Homes was created when, while looking for a home for our own family, we realized that not much existed in the Kansas City area market that looked the way we wanted it to. In order to get the style we loved, we wound up having to purchase a fixer-upper and put in a ton of work remodeling it. And when we talked with friends, we realized that was not an uncommon problem – there just wasn’t much variety to choose from.

So we started Shady Lane Homes to bring some variety to Kansas City. We love combining modern elements with rustic-feeling, farmhouse-inspired details. Shiplap, warm woods, neutral colors, brick flooring…those are our love language!

We can do it all: build you a completely custom home or make things a little easier and choose all of the details for you (or somewhere in between!). At Shady Lane Homes, our biggest priority is creating a home you’ll love.

Questions? Let us know – we would love to chat!